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Graduate Onboarding

Interactive, engaging and social, Eli is the perfect onboarding technology for your early career cohorts. From reducing the number of grads reneging on offers, to making sure they (your interns and apprentices) feel part of a community and connected to your business at every moment that matters, Eli gives you an edge. In fact, most of our clients see them using Eli over 100 times during onboarding – is that engaging enough for you?

How Eli supports graduate onboarding

Nine months – the average time between a student accepting a graduate placement and starting work. It’s a long time to be ignored, so it’s vital that during this time, you’re using the power of your employer brand to excite your grads, interns, or apprentices about the career they’re about to begin.

Incredible engagement

With an average time on tech of over 10 minutes and 30+ sessions before day one, Eli delivers huge on MI where graduate onboarding is concerned. 360° videos, personalised content, tailored social walls, instant messaging and live chat are just the tip of the iceberg.

Engage & Inform

Eli is designed to deliver a personalised onboarding experience full of rich, engaging content. That means, not only can you easily build a site full of engaging videos, useful downloads, and insightful copy, but you can tailor that information around your programmes, locations, or even specific roles, with ease. You can drip feed content over time, create and manage events or even stream live video Q&As. Eli makes it all possible and ensures your new talent stays engaged and part of the team at all times.

Rolls-Royce know this for a fact, as they achieved a 36-point increase in their engagement Net Promoter Score the year after launching their Eli onboarding experience.

Create a community

Nothing boosts engagement or reduces dropout like creating a thriving community that grads really want to be a part of. With instant messaging and contacts books, social walls and buddies all on hand, an Eli grad is a connected grad. They make friends, find flatmates, feel included, lose their nerves, and become a part of the conversation.

8,000 hits on Eli’s instant messaging (in just 4 months) proves just how important creating that sense of belonging was for RBS’s graduates, as they got to know each other and their new RBS team. They’ve also seen a 60% increase in retention in the last five years.

Get your grads ready for work

The transition between being a student and your first full-time job can be tough. Eli can help smooth the way. Rich, tailored content, videos, and training materials can help build up both hard knowledge of your organisation and softer skills – all before day one. Which means better prepared graduates who can offer more to your business sooner. It has big social mobility implications too – as the support provided by Eli can help to ensure everyone starts on a more levelled playing field.

100% of Police Now’s graduates passed their pre-learn assessment at their Summer Academy. 97% said they knew what is expected of them as a Police Now applicant and 99% said that the Police Now values reflect their own.

Make the admin simple

Eli manages the whole onboarding process, digitising paperwork, reducing admin, and clearly defining responsibilities, tasks, and actions. That means graduates know exactly what they’ve got to do, and when they’ve got to do it. As do their managers. And their buddies. Alerts, nudges, and reminders keep the whole process running like clockwork. Eli can also integrate with existing ATS/HR systems, automating the whole process, reducing admin, and human error.

Rolls-Royce saved over 220 admin hours in the first 6 months of launch, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

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