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Information Security

Protecting our clients’ data is imperative, so whether you’re a global financial organisation, a world-leading industrial technology firm, or an innovative graduate recruiter, Eli works tirelessly on your behalf to protect the data it uses to deliver exceptional onboarding experiences.

Keeping your data secure

We maintain high levels of information security by following a detailed set of procedures and policies, as well as ensuring our software and hardware meet all necessary specifications. These include:

Public cloud hosting

Eli offers shared or dedicated virtual servers located in Tier 3 data centres. Our hosting partner is ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, 20001, 22301, 27001 and 50001 accredited.

Choice of data centre locations

Eli has data centres in the UK, EU, and US, allowing you to choose the most appropriate location for your business, as well as ensuring your data is subject to the laws and regulations of that area.

Daily backups

Our daily backups are encrypted in transit and at rest, and are stored in different data centres, protecting your information at all times.

Disaster Recovery

Eli has a live synced Disaster Recovery (DR) solution located in a different data centre.


All our hardware firewalls come with IDS/IPS to detect and prevent intrusions on to our systems.

Authentication and access

Eli allows you to control access and login at a granular level, using a role-based permissions model. Alongside this, Eli can also offer Single Sign-On (SSO) through Windows AD or Azure AD. And admin and API access can also be IP restricted, further helping to keep your information secure.

Configurable data retention timeframes

You decide how long Eli holds user data for in line with GDPR regulations or your own data policy.

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