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Integration & Infrastructure

Creating the perfect onboarding experience for your new hires shouldn’t mean a headache for you. Eli understands this, offering you numerous ways to integrate, streamline, and automate the whole onboarding process.

How Eli can integrate with your existing systems

Eli is a browser-based SaaS (Software as a Service) product, and delivers tailored content across a password-protected, responsive portal – a portal that creates a fabulous onboarding experience for every new hire. To ensure the business experience is just as positive, Eli offers the following:

Single Sign-On

Eli offers Single Sign-On through Windows AD or Azure AD. So once a user has logged on to their laptop at work, they can access Eli without having to sign in again.

Integration with your existing systems

Automatically trigger new hire journeys through seamless integration with your existing ATS or HR systems. Our API (see below) also saves time and headaches.


Our API enables other systems to talk to Eli simply and easily – this helps speed up integrations and the automation of your processes.

Flat CSV/Excel file imports

If you don’t want to integrate with an existing system, Eli also accepts CSV/Excel file imports to help speed up user profile creation.

E-sign & forms

Eli can provide e-sign and/or data capture forms through one of our global partners, or integrate with your existing provider, automating all of your paperwork.

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