Masterclass: Supercharge your onboarding

Published by Sarah Wardle 20/07/2023

How to harness data and technology to transform your onboarding and deliver better business outcomes.

This engaging webinar hosted by Sarah Wardle, is a deep dive into the role data and technology play in onboarding, featuring our Founder, Noel Thomas, and Sonia Mooney, Global HR Consultant. 

What can you expect to learn from this webinar? 

  1. What experience-led onboarding really means.
  2. What the real business benefits of a great onboarding experience are.
  3. Why is a data-led approach so important to success.
  4. What onboarding data you should track.
  5. Where to begin, when upgrading your onboarding.
  6. The important role technology plays in onboarding.
  7. How can you use data to drive a better experience.


This webinar is 56 minutes long.