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What is Eli

Eli is 100% about engagement. A personalised, digital environment that new starters can explore in their own time and their own way. Tech that starts conversations, builds connections, embeds values, empowers line managers, automates process, and ultimately sets new starters up for success. It’s very engaging onboarding, and we’ve got the stats to prove it.

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Real business benefits

Eli empowers HR to create and deliver onboarding experiences that deliver real results. We’ve been giving businesses a competitive advantage since 2014 and we’re proud to say we have 100% client retention.

  • Ensures faster time to productivity and improved team performance
  • Boosts retention, reducing new hire attrition and associated costs
  • Promotes your employer brand, improving your ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Improves employee experience, increasing engagement, productivity and profitability More benefits
  • Automates processes, creating a more efficient business, saving time and money
  • Empowers line managers to take control of their team’s onboarding
  • Manages whole onboarding process, ensuring everything runs like clockwork
  • Personalises your onboarding experience making everyone feel like a VIP
  • Integrates with existing systems, streamlining your whole onboarding experience
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Eli savings calculator

How much money could Eli save your organisation each year? Enter a few details below to find out. We do not track this data.

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Award-winning features

Say goodbye to boring checklists, unprepared line managers and uninspired new starters – say hello to Eli onboarding.

  • Software as a Service
    User-based pricing model
  • Secure hosting
    GDPR compliant
  • Fully brandable
    not just a logo
  • Responsive design
    Mobile friendly
  • Open API
    Easy integration with other systems (such as your HRIS)
  • Multi-group management
    Tailor the onboarding journey and content for groups or individuals
  • Instant messaging
    Connect and chat in real time
  • Events calendar
    Group and individual event management
  • Checklists
    Create bespoke tasks and touchpoints, for new hires, line managers, and more
  • Digital contracts & forms
    Go paper free
  • MI dashboard
    Manage and analyse data easily; act swiftly on key insights
  • Intuitive CMS
    Manage content easily with drag & drop functionality
  • Quick implementation
    and go live
  • Tailorable admin and user permissions
    You have total control
  • Eli Roadmap
    Exciting new features and regular upgrades

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