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What is Eli

We believe employee onboarding should be an experience, not a process. Memorable, not mundane. Inclusive, interactive and inspiring. That’s why we created Eli – to help innovative organisations around the world create exceptional preboarding and onboarding experiences that set their new hires up for success. Say goodbye to mediocre and hello to Eli.

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Real business benefits

Eli empowers you to create and deliver award-winning onboarding experiences that deliver real results. We’ve been giving businesses a competitive advantage since 2014 by ensuring our technology delivers best-in-class onboarding, before and after day one.

  • Ensures faster time to productivity and improved team performance
  • Boosts retention, reducing new hire attrition and associated costs
  • Promotes your employer brand, improving your ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Improves employee experience, increasing engagement, productivity and profitability More benefits
  • Automates processes, creating a more efficient business, saving time and money
  • Empowers line managers to take control of their team’s onboarding
  • Manages whole onboarding process, ensuring everything runs like clockwork
  • Personalises your onboarding experience making everyone feel like a VIP
  • Integrates with existing systems, streamlining your whole onboarding experience
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Eli savings calculator

How much money could Eli save your organisation each year? Enter a few details below to find out. We do not track this data.

Using Eli to onboard your employees could save you at least...

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Award-winning features

Say goodbye to boring checklists, unprepared line managers and uninspired new starters – say hello to Eli onboarding.

  • Software as a Service
    User-based pricing model
  • Secure hosting
    GDPR compliant
  • Fully brandable
    not just a logo
  • Responsive design
    Mobile friendly
  • Open API
    Easy integration with other systems (such as your HRIS)
  • Multi-group management
    Tailor the onboarding journey and content for groups or individuals
  • Instant messaging
    Connect and chat in real time
  • Events calendar
    Group and individual event management
  • Checklists
    Create bespoke tasks and touchpoints, for new hires, line managers, and more
  • Digital contracts & forms
    Go paper free
  • MI dashboard
    Manage and analyse data easily; act swiftly on key insights
  • Intuitive CMS
    Manage content easily with drag & drop functionality
  • Quick implementation
    and go live
  • Tailorable admin and user permissions
    You have total control
  • Eli Roadmap
    Exciting new features and regular upgrades

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