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Manage change confidently

Very engaging employee experiences

Quick to launch

A quick implementation means Eli is ready to go when you are, with or without integration. Stop the grapevine chatter and deliver accurate timely information fast.

Quick Implementation

Drive change forwards

Let Eli do the hard work, ensuring everyone knows what’s expected of them at every stage of the transition.

Drive Change Forwards

Create connections

Bring newly formed teams together, connect line managers with new people, and create a sense of belonging during the transition.

Create Connections

Experience-led onboarding

Set new people up for success. Embed values and culture, introduce internal systems, practices and procedures, ways of working and progressing.

Onboard New People

Offboard people well

Support those effected by the change, and carefully manage their departure with a simple, personalised and straight-forward leaving experience.

Offboard People Well

One technology, unlimited possibilities

Eli is a hugely versatile technology with the ability to manage pre-boarding, onboarding, change and transition, M&A and offboarding all through the same system. You can explore some of our other people solutions here.    

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