Onboarding - not just for new starters

Illustration 24 07/02/2024

When we think of onboarding, the tendency is to think of new starters – the graduate arriving straight from college, or the experienced professional joining us from a competitor.

But actually, this is only half the story. Onboarding is a tool of transition that can help set people up for success at any time of change in their career journey.

That’s why a flexible onboarding experience, supported by an online portal full of tailored content and learning, can be such a sound investment of your time and money.

Relocating across countries and continents

Imagine you’re moving from an office in Exeter to one in Glasgow. Or from a site in Birmingham to one in Buenos Aires. You’re just as much in need of an introduction to your new team, new managers, new projects, new office space and new city as any new starter. Information on everything from finding accommodation, to local schools can prove invaluable. As can the lowdown on local mores and culture for those moving to new and exciting pastures.

Moving into management

People are often promoted into management because of their strong performance in their current role. But how prepared are they to lead, inspire, organise, and, occasionally, discipline others? From online training and resources, to ‘new manager timelines’ that allow for management mentors to check in on progress with key milestones, an onboarding programme can help first-time managers get off to a flying start.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Forging strong links with your new employees during a merger or acquisition is vital to quell unfounded fears, and prevent the best talent from walking out the door. Bespoke onboarding content, delivered through an online portal that’s mobile friendly and accessible anywhere is invaluable, as is ensuring multiple lines of communication should people have questions. It can help dispel rumours in the first days of a merger, drive new initiatives, and cement together the two halves of your new company. Find out more about Eli can support M&A here. 

Contractors and freelancers

In the new gig economy, contractors and freelancers are forming an increasingly important part of any workforce, and need to be onboarded too – even if they only experience a light version. Don't treat this important part of your workforce as second class, as they might well be some of your biggest advocates. 

Return from parental leave

For parents who’ve spent many months away from work, an onboarding tool that they can access from home can play a key role in getting them up to speed for their return. It can include everything from information on developments in their team and industry, to practical tips from other parent returners, and even a messaging service linking them up with other parents on leave.

Building an agile workforce

With the onset of agile working, more and more employees are experiencing a project-based careers path. A flexible onboarding tool can be a vital ally in creating cohesion and a clear sense of purpose in these fluid, shifting teams – allowing you to maximise your workforce’s skill-set whilst retaining high-levels of performance and clear lines of communication.

And, with careful planning and the right technology, delivering a great onboarding experience for all of these groups should be easy.

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