Case Study: Autism Unlimited

AU 18/04/2023

Autism Unlimited (AU) exists to support and empower those living with Autism, though none of this is possible without the support of the amazing people who work there. But, with 21% of new hires leaving the charity within the first three months of employment, it was clear a new and inclusive onboarding experience was required.

“Eli Onboarding has transformed the way we prepare our newly appointed people. I can’t stop praising this system and all the benefits it brings to the recruitment process, to pre-induction, line managers and our new Autism Unlimited stars!” - Autism Unlimited

Major events like starting a new job might scare us, but they can be debilitating for people with Autism. Like everyone though, they can manage stress and anxiety better if they can prepare for changes in advance. By pulling on the support and guidance of a wide range of people from right across their organisation, we created an engaging, inclusive and anxiety-free onboarding experience for all.

Launched in 2021, the Autism Unlimited Eli experience has a 97% engagement rate and an experience rating of 4.9/5. Impressively, 93% of their line managers take ownership of onboarding helping to create a real sense of belonging in a very human way.  

The social areas of the site (events, messaging and social wall) are the most visited areas of the portal, all of which has had a direct effect on voluntary attrition within that all important first 3 months. AU tracked a 5% reduction in attrition in year one, and a further 4% in year two.

The Autism Unlimited experience also picked up a RAD Award for Best Use of Technology and an IHR Award for Onboarding Strategy.

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