Case Study: NatWest Group

Natwest Main (1) 18/04/2023

RBS approached Eli in 2016 to help them design and deliver a new preboarding experience for their emerging talent, focusing initially on their graduate pre-boarding experience. Now, Eli manages pre-boarding and onboarding for all NatWest Group emerging talent, as well as delivering work experience programmes for NatWest Group and RBS students and NEETS across the UK.

“Onboarding has become even more important to us during COVID and lockdown. Being able to connect and interact as a group through the digital platform makes everything so easy. It’s really powerful to see this level of engagement.” - NatWest Group

NatWest Group’s onboarding focuses on supporting emerging talent in three core areas. First, Eli helps new hires get under the skin of the bank. Helping them understand its values, purpose and culture, as well as building knowledge about how they do business, no matter what their background.

Next, a great deal of support, learning and guidance helps new hires make the tricky transition from student to work life, preparing them for work, improving soft-skills and ensuring they’re prepared for their induction and the first few months at work.

But, most importantly, Eli is used to create a real sense of community. Giving grads, interns, students and apprentices numerous ways to connect with their peers, recruiters, managers, buddies and other key stakeholders.

Eli accomplishes this through a mix of rich content, events, virtual calls, social walls, instant messaging, employee generated videos, 360* tours and a tailored onboarding journey and checklist, that guides talent through the perfect onboarding experience. Eli even tracks their wellbeing, alerting their line manager if they’re feeling down.

This approach keeps reneges on offers well below the industry benchmark, conversions from intern to graduate at almost 100% and ensures every new cohort joining NWG is truly set up for success.

The NatWest Group experience also picked up a CIPD Award for Employee Engagement, an IHR Award for Onboarding Strategy and an RMA for Best Video.

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