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Leave a lasting impression

Very engaging employee experiences

Empowered line managers

Support and guide your managers through the offboarding process, so they know what needs to be done when.

Empowered Line Managers

Detailed MI & Feedback

Gather feedback, embed surveys, and monitor engagement throughout the exit process, allowing you to improve the experience for all.

MI & Feedback

Deprovisioning dealt with

Ensure everyone know what needs returning and when. Laptops, phones, ID badges and vehicles – Eli can even remind people when a return date approaches.


Super support

Automatically offer more help to those who need it and ensure everyone feels supported and informed at every step of the process.


One technology, unlimited possibilities

Eli is a hugely versatile technology with the ability to manage pre-boarding, onboarding, change and transition, M&A and offboarding all through the same system. Explore some of our other people solutions here.     

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