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  • 2021 Innovation Rmas
  • RAD 2022 (2)
  • Ihr
  • Tiara 2022
  • RAD 20223

Early Career (Clients)

Organise events with ease

Quickly create and invite individuals, groups and whole cohorts to events as part of your onboarding calendar.

Organise Events With Ease

Let’s get social

Create interactive social walls for your cohorts so that they begin to feel like part of a community before day one.

Let’S Get Social

Always learning

Start learning and development immediately, supporting new talent across the whole of their programme and beyond.

Always Learning

Manage tasks with ease

Let Eli do the hard work, ensuring everyone knows what’s expected of them at every stage of onboarding, allowing you to concentrate on the value add.

Manage Tasks With Ease

Create connections

Help newbies get to know each other better through personalised user profiles that help break the ice and build connections.

Create Connections

Create a truly inclusive experience

Don’t just talk about DE&I, prove you’ve got an inclusive culture where people can bring their true selves to work, through employee videos, ERG champions and dedicated social walls. Support wellbeing and mental health at every step.

Inspiring emerging talent