Case Study: Police Now

Police Now Main 18/04/2023

When a candidate is offered a place on Police Now's graduate programme, they've already demonstrated a real commitment to their mission of transforming communities, reducing crime and increasing the public's confidence in policing. The next step is to ensure they are informed, prepared and excited to become a fully warranted police officer or detective.

“Right from the beginning our candidates are making a difference in the communities they serve. Indicative analysis showed a statistically significant 17% increase in young people’s (16-24) confidence in the police in communities with a Police Now officer - far exceeding the 3% increase in comparison communities over the same period.” - Police Now

Police Now recruit leaders from a wide range of degree disciplines and backgrounds to ensure that neighbourhood police officers bring with them diversity of thought to tackle some of the worst problems affecting our communities. But, as you'd expect, most of those candidates have no prior policing experience, which is why Eli’s support was so important.

Police Now delivered a wealth of rich, employee-generated content, as well as personalised information on the forces people were joining. Numerous social walls gave students the opportunity to engage with their fellow peers and connect with PN’s different employee resource groups. And live chats with police officers, the Summer Academy and Graduate Recruitment teams kept engagement levels high and built knowledge and confidence before the start of the programme. Candidates could even connect with past-participants via Eli, giving them real insight into the type of cases and crime they will be tackling, as well as the reality of the job.

This highly engaging and supportive onboarding experience delivered 100% graduate engagement and a dropout rate less than 10%. 99.8% passed their pre-learn assessment and 100% of grads agreed they would encourage others to join the Police Now programme.

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